Wings of Desire – Installation

My breath is the central and most important component to my work. I have a constant struggle with shyness, in particular talking about thoughts and feelings. This particular piece is a suspension that is made up of my breath paintings on black and white foam boards. As my own breath has been in contact with the work, in this case the pieces of foam board, the work speaks the words that I feel unable to voice myself. Suspending the boards has created an effect of floating in air and the subtle movements relate to the often delicate nature of breath.
Stars and the night sky fascinate me, whenever I used to drive home to the countryside the first thing that I would do would be to look up at the stars. Stars provide a sense of intrigue and also comfort for me, they may be vast and have the ability to make a person feel very small but they are always there even when they are not visible. This piece aims to represent not only myself and my breath but also the stars and the connection I feel I have to them.
Enabling the invisible to become visible is also an aim of this work. Breath is usually invisible, however through the process that I use I am able to make it visible in varying degrees and in turn I enable my silence to flourish in the form of an artwork.